The inaugural Polkadot Netherlands meetup is a joint initiative by Web3 Foundation and #ETHDEVNL. This meetup will be hosted by our very kind friends at [Blocklab] in Rotterdam (right next to Rotterdam Central Station). We hope to see you all on Tuesday October 2nd (17:30 – 22:30).

This meetup will be themed around WEB3. We will explore Polkadot, Substrate and Web3 which will help materialize a new vision for the internet itself.


  1. Introduction to Polkadot (Edward Thomson / Web3 Foundation)
    Dr Edward Thomson will give a brief high-level overview of Polkadot and discuss the problems that Polkadot is trying to solve. Polkadot is a multichain platform that addresses blockchain governance, interoperability, and scalability issues.
  2. Running a Polkadot Node (Peter Reitsma / Crypto Index)
    Peter Reitsma will explain how you can get started with Polkadot today. The presentation will go into setting up and running a node and a user interface to operate the node with the most common operations.
  3. Exploring Polkadot’s Data (Emiel Sebastiaan van der Hoek / WEB3SCAN)
    Emiel Sebastiaan van der Hoek will present POLKASCAN: the first indexed and searchable block explorer for the Polkadot Network. This presentation explores the data(structures) which can be found in the Polkadot Network and serves as a fine example to demonstrate how to use the node’s APIs in building an application on top.
  4. Status and Roadmap for Polkadot (Jef Fransham / Parity Technologies)
    Jef Fransham explains the current status of Polkadot, what you can do with it now as a developer or as an end-user. Plus, what the future holds for the project. Jef is a core developer and propagandist for Parity Technologies in Berlin. His main focuses as a developer are performance, WebAssembly and API design. He also enjoys coming up with tech education materials, writing deep dives and long walks on the beach.
  5. Research on Finality Gadgets (Dr Alistair Stewart / Web3 Foundation)
    Dr Alistair Stewart will be talking about approaches to consensus and finality in proof of stake protocols and specifically about finality gadgets. Alistair leads research for Polkadot and focuses on consensus algorithms. He has a PhD and has been a postdoc in theoretical computer science and worked in areas such as high-dimensional robust statistics and infinite-state stochastic models.


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